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    Pluto TV Activate
    How To

    How to Activate Pluto TV on Your Device

    February 10, 2021

    Pluto TV is a free streaming service. So while the number of streaming services keeps growing and most require a subscription or pay-per-view fee, Pluto TV won’t add a cost to your monthly bills. Pluto TV is free and worth trying out. If you have a bunch of premium content that you do not want to pay for and you are now looking for alternatives, then Pluto TV is the best for you with the activation step using 6 digits pluto tv activation code.

    Pluto TV Activate

    How Pluto TV Works

    To watch anything on Pluto TV, launch the app (no sign-in is required), find a live channel or on-demand movie or TV show, and select it to view.

    Watch Live Channels

    The live channels are linear. This means these channels run in real-time. If you want to watch the entire show, look at the listings ahead of time so you can find out when a show starts, just as you would with antenna or cable TV.

    Watch On-Demand Movies And TV Shows

    If you are looking for an on-demand movie or TV show, go to the Free Movies & TV Shows category and select the title you want to watch. The movie or TV show starts at the beginning. If you don’t like your selection, stop it and choose something else.

    How to Activate Pluto TV on your Device

    Pluto TV

    • Go to Channel 02 on the guide. Another option, you can press Activate located on the left side of the guide.
    • There will be 6 digit-code appeared on the screen. Remember the code or write it down on a note.
    • Then, Insert the 6 digit-code on your device. There are two ways to do it, depending on the account/device that you are using.
    • Logged in your Pluto TV account in your device: Go to My Pluto > Activate > Enter the code.
    • Logged out of your Pluto TV account in your device / or if you have NO Pluto TV account: Visit this link and choose your device. And, follow the instructions to get activation code for pluto tv.
    • Pluto TV activate enter code on Roku, visit this link: roku
    • Pluto TV Activate on Amazon Firestick, visit this link firestick
    • How to Activate Pluto TV on Sony Playstation 4, visit this link ps4
    • Activate Pluto TV on Android TV, visit this link android

    This way will activate your Pluto TV account on your device. Now, you can pair up your smartphone with other devices.

    Devices that Pluto TV Supports

    Currently, Pluto TV is only available on these devices:

    • iPad and iPhone: Download the app here.
    • Android phones, tablets, and Android TV: You can download the official app from Google Play Store.
    • 4th generation Apple TV devices: You can get the app on iTunes.
    • Amazon Kindle & Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick: You can download the official app here.
    • Vizio, Samsung, and Sony Smart TVs: The app is already installed if available.
    • Windows PC and Mac Computers: Download the app for your computer here.
    • PlayStation 4: You can find the app here or through the PlayStation Store on the device.
    • PlayStation 3: You can download the app here or via the PlayStation Store on the console.
    • Xbox One: App is available here or via the Xbox Games Store on the game console.
    • Google Chromecast
    • Chrome Web App
    • Roku Devices + Roku TV