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    Set a Song as a Ringtone on Android
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    How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on Android

    February 21, 2021

    The ringtone is one of the elements that most defines you. In addition to using the generic sounds included in Android, it is possible to use your favourite music. We can say, then, that there are as many ringtones as there are songs and musical tastes. There are several ways to set a custom song as a reminder. Do you want to know them?

    Set a Song as a Ringtone on Android

    Set a Song as a Ringtone From the Settings

    The first method uses the system’s ringtone selector. You can find it in the Android settings, in the Sounds section.

    • Then select Phone ringtone.
    • In the pop-up dialogue, tap on Add ringtone.
    • Using the file browser, locate the audio you want to set as the ringtone.
    • Now, the next time they call you, the chosen song will play.

    Add a Song as a Ringtone with the Music Player

    Some customization layers may not allow adding tones to the predefined list. So use the music player as an alternative. It should be noted that not all manufacturers include a player. Nor can we ensure that all native players include this option. If that’s the case for you, simply download one that supports this feature, or take a look at the alternative methods mentioned in this guide.

    Once you’ve accessed the player, find the song you want to use as a ringtone. Open the song options and tap on Use as a ringtone.

    From that moment on, the chosen song will have been set as the ringtone.

    Use a Song as a Ringtone with Ringtone Maker

    Ringtone Maker

    Finally, we talk about Ringtone Maker, an application that can help you if the other solutions have not worked for you. You can download and install it using the link you have below.

    • On your main screen, tap on Ringtone.
    • The application will take care of searching for all compatible files. Tap on the side arrow to see more options.
    • In the context menu, click on Set as Ringtone. If you want to choose a specific fragment of the song, you can do it with Edit.
    • Ringtone Maker will immediately change the current ringtone to the chosen song.

    Where to Find Free Ringtones?

    There are a number of ways to find free ringtones. For example, on the Internet, there are a large number of copyright-free music banks that you can freely use for this purpose if your license allows it. On the other hand, there are more specific applications, for which we recommend visiting our section with the best ringtone apps on Android. Finally, you can use your own MP3s, both those that you have extracted from your CDs and those that you have bought over the Internet. Remember to transfer them to internal memory so that they are available.