roblox error code 524
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    How To Fix Roblox Error Code 524?

    July 19, 2021

    Roblox is a gigantic platform that offers numerous game opportunities for gamers worldwide. However, sometimes gamers have to witness technical errors while enjoying Roblox. The roblox error code 524 is one such error that needs the attention of all the gamers out there.

    roblox error code 524

    Some users are reporting Roblox Error Code 524 when they try to join a server, even if it is a new or old one. If you are also suffering from this error code, then the explained solutions in this article will help you to fix this issue. We have explained this error code, like what it is, and when it appears, and how you will fix it.

    What is Roblox Error Code 524 and When It Appears?

    Roblox Error Code 524 means you are trying to join the server for which, you don’t have an access to join. A poor internet connection or some maintenance work on Roblox can also be a reason behind this error code. This error code can be seen with two different error messages, Like “Not authorized to join this game”, or “You do not have permission to join this game”.

    A quick action to fix this error code is to check if your internet connection or speed is good or not. A bad or poor internet speed or connection can cause this error code. So you should try this on first. Rest, below, you can find out the easy solutions to fix this error code.

    Fix the Roblox Error Code 524

    Reinstall Roblox

    If you’re still getting the error 524, your next step should be to reinstall the Roblox app. This method should fix a lot of errors associated with the Roblox game, and it works most of the time. This step also resolves any issue with corrupt or missing files required to run the game.

    Fix Roblox Error Code 524

    Uninstall the Roblox game according to the platform you are using. For Windows users, go to the Control Panel to uninstall the app. For Mac users, navigate to the Applications folder and drag the Roblox icon to the Trash. Reboot your computer and reinstall Roblox from the developer’s website. Make sure that the version you downloaded is the latest so you don’t have to update it after.

    Connectivity problem

    Often ROBLOX error code 524 is a result of connectivity issues. Many users of ROBLOX have reported having encountered ROBLOX error code 524 while their connection was poor. Using a tier level 3 ISP is usually the culprit for ROBLOX error code 524.

    When you encounter the ROBLOX error code 524, you should check how strong your connection is. If your connection is good, the culprit may be some other problem.

    ROBLOX server issue

    Server issues are also a common cause of ROBLOX error code 524. If ROBLOX is experiencing server issues, you’ll definitely encounter ROBLOX error code 524. This issue is for the ROBLOX developers to solve. When you encounter ROBLOX error code 524, you should check if ROBLOX has no server issues. Read on, to learn how to do that.

    tellthebell survey
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    What Is Tellthebell Survey? Complete Guide

    May 8, 2021

    TelltheBell is a feedback program for Taco Bell in which Taco Bell offers its customers a portal where the customers can share their genuine reviews with the company at www.tellthebell.com. The feedback needs to be genuine and not fake like some other product and the best thing about this survey is that the company gives a chance to the customers to win a cash prize of around $ 500 in a check.

    tellthebell survey

    The winners will be selected in a random way from any lottery and they will be informed soon via an email which will be sent to their email id. Taco Bell loves to hear how they are performing so they initiated the Tellthebell survey. But this time, they took it to the next level by placing a $ 500 sweepstake.

    Tellthebell Completion Process

    Following are the important steps to complete the process:

    • Open your internet browser
    • Enter tellthebell on Google
    • Enter the 16-digit survey code printed on the apex side of your receipt
    • If the receipt is missing, you may participate in the survey by entering the shop range, date, and time.
    • The survey will cause you to feed the overall pleasure fee with the restaurant
    • You should then enter the order form and click next
    • A website will appear where you can have countless questions about your delight in many things
    • Upon finishing contact details, there will be some other questions about the survey features, answering them all and completing the survey.
    • Free food survey Tellthebell comprises of about 15 issues about your order and your degree of enjoyment.
    • The questions are well known and you don’t have to scratch your head in 2 minutes to finish it.
      The winners of Tellthebell are eligible for $ 500 because of the award cash. Tellthebell sweepstakes could dispense the fee.

    Most Common Questions Asked in the Taco Bell Customer Survey

    Most of the questions that will be asked in the survey would definitely be about your purchase and your review for it. The questions can be asked on the basis of products and the services that you are offered. Here are some questions which can give you some idea about the survey.

    taco bell

    • The first question that will be asked will most probably be related to your overall satisfaction after you have received the product and also consumed it.
    • In the next question, they might ask you about the service you have opted for when you had placed the order. There will be options like Dine-in, Carry-out, and others.
    • The next question will be on the level of satisfaction related to the service you have received.
    • And then the next question will be related to the staff members like their nature, how friendly were they.
    • And then you will be given a textbox where you can write your feedback.
    • In the end, the last question will be related to your revisit. If you would want to revisit.

    Everyone likes to get offers when they are paying for the food they Love. By visiting Taco Bell, you will be going to get the advantage, and it will help you to earn multiple offers and cash as well. Forget about everything and after visiting the restaurant, be ready to participate in the survey.

    Set a Song as a Ringtone on Android
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    How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on Android

    February 21, 2021

    The ringtone is one of the elements that most defines you. In addition to using the generic sounds included in Android, it is possible to use your favourite music. We can say, then, that there are as many ringtones as there are songs and musical tastes. There are several ways to set a custom song as a reminder. Do you want to know them?

    Set a Song as a Ringtone on Android

    Set a Song as a Ringtone From the Settings

    The first method uses the system’s ringtone selector. You can find it in the Android settings, in the Sounds section.

    • Then select Phone ringtone.
    • In the pop-up dialogue, tap on Add ringtone.
    • Using the file browser, locate the audio you want to set as the ringtone.
    • Now, the next time they call you, the chosen song will play.

    Add a Song as a Ringtone with the Music Player

    Some customization layers may not allow adding tones to the predefined list. So use the music player as an alternative. It should be noted that not all manufacturers include a player. Nor can we ensure that all native players include this option. If that’s the case for you, simply download one that supports this feature, or take a look at the alternative methods mentioned in this guide.

    Once you’ve accessed the player, find the song you want to use as a ringtone. Open the song options and tap on Use as a ringtone.

    From that moment on, the chosen song will have been set as the ringtone.

    Use a Song as a Ringtone with Ringtone Maker

    Ringtone Maker

    Finally, we talk about Ringtone Maker, an application that can help you if the other solutions have not worked for you. You can download and install it using the link you have below.

    • On your main screen, tap on Ringtone.
    • The application will take care of searching for all compatible files. Tap on the side arrow to see more options.
    • In the context menu, click on Set as Ringtone. If you want to choose a specific fragment of the song, you can do it with Edit.
    • Ringtone Maker will immediately change the current ringtone to the chosen song.

    Where to Find Free Ringtones?

    There are a number of ways to find free ringtones. For example, on the Internet, there are a large number of copyright-free music banks that you can freely use for this purpose if your license allows it. On the other hand, there are more specific applications, for which we recommend visiting our section with the best ringtone apps on Android. Finally, you can use your own MP3s, both those that you have extracted from your CDs and those that you have bought over the Internet. Remember to transfer them to internal memory so that they are available.

    Smart TV
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    Smart TV Buying Guide

    February 11, 2021

    Our use of televisions has changed radically in recent years. Nowadays a TV is used for much more than to watch ‘traditional’ TV, it is the multimedia centre of the home from which to consume content on-demand, play with your video game console, browse your photos or if you are a Movistar Fusion customer and With the UHD Decoder, enjoy a world of digital consumer experiences through Living Apps.

    Smart TV

    However, not all smart TVs have the same features or offer the same experience. Therefore, when choosing the best TV for our home, we must look for the resolution and technologies that offer the best experience.

    Main features: choose the best Smart TV


    When taking a photo with the Smartphone and zooming in, we can see the importance of resolution. As we get closer, we notice some small and blurry points of colour, better known as pixels. The more pixels that accumulate in space, the sharper and more realistic the image.

    Until recently televisions (HDTVs) reached a peak of 1080p (1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels) delivering a total of 2 million pixels.

    They may seem like enough, but as TVs have gotten bigger, pixelation can become apparent.

    Currently, Smart TV Ultra HD (also known as 4k) deliver a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (2060p), totalling 8 million pixels. Now, the first commercial models with 8k are starting to arrive, but they are still limited to the more premium ranges and usually only in large formats.

    TV size

    4K technology is finally allowing us to offer large formats while maintaining very high levels of sharpness. TV manufacturers already offer options ranging from 32 “to 100” and since televisions are already very thin and aesthetic, you can bring home a totally immersive experience in which the screen fills your entire field of vision, almost as if you were in the cinema.

    Of course, it is useless to choose the best TV on the market if it doesn’t really suit our space. For TVs with FullHD resolution, it is normally recommended to calculate the ideal size as follows:

    TV Buying Guide

    Measure the number of inches from the viewing location to the screen.

    Divide it by two, and this is the ideal number of inches.
    That is, for a distance of about 2.5 m it is recommended not to exceed a size of 50 ”for a FullHD TV. From that size or at a lesser distance from the TV, the sharpness would begin to deteriorate.

    But with the arrival of 4K (4 times more pixels), everything changes and at the same distance of 2.5m, the industry estimates that an 80 ”4K TV would still be seen optimally. In any case, we recommend visiting our other article in which we explain how far away to watch a 4K television.

    How to transform measurements from inches to centimetres on televisions?

    The first thing to keep in mind is that the size of a television screen is measured diagonally and not from corner to corner. That said, the transformation of measurements from inches to centimetres on televisions is very simple:

    1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.
    Thus, a 50 ”TV would be 127 cm diagonally.
    Panel type (LED – OLED)

    The screen of an LED television is illuminated through a set of light-emitting diodes, better known as LED lights. On the other hand, a TV with an OLED (organic LED) panel uses a slightly different technology. In this case, each pixel generates its own light, where each zone can be completely turned off and achieve perfect blacks.

    In short, an LED TV delivers grayish blacks and OLED perfect blacks. However, a traditional LED tends to be brighter and maybe better for places with lots of natural light.

    HDMI ports

    It is also crucial to pay attention to the number of HDMI ports a Smart TV has (the more the better). With just adding a Home Cinema, a decoder and a video game console, we already have three ports occupied.

    Preferably they are compatible with HDMI 2.0 to reproduce Ultra HD content.


    HDR is a new feature that is being integrated into LED / OLED televisions and that stands for High Dynamic Range (High Dynamic Range in Spanish). The objective is to present the colours more faithfully, achieving more spectacular results, with higher levels of contrast and precision in the brightness of the screen.

    The contents that support this type of technology are based on standards such as HDR10 or Dolby Vision, and although they are not as widespread yet, they are starting to gain in popularity. They are normally characterized by better recovering the information in the less illuminated areas and more nuances in the more vibrant areas, so if you want to ensure optimal image quality in the future, we believe it is important that your TV supports it.

    Pluto TV Activate
    How To

    How to Activate Pluto TV on Your Device

    February 10, 2021

    Pluto TV is a free streaming service. So while the number of streaming services keeps growing and most require a subscription or pay-per-view fee, Pluto TV won’t add a cost to your monthly bills. Pluto TV is free and worth trying out. If you have a bunch of premium content that you do not want to pay for and you are now looking for alternatives, then Pluto TV is the best for you with the activation step pluto.tv/activate using 6 digits pluto tv activation code.

    Pluto TV Activate

    How Pluto TV Works

    To watch anything on Pluto TV, launch the app (no sign-in is required), find a live channel or on-demand movie or TV show, and select it to view.

    Watch Live Channels

    The live channels are linear. This means these channels run in real-time. If you want to watch the entire show, look at the listings ahead of time so you can find out when a show starts, just as you would with antenna or cable TV.

    Watch On-Demand Movies And TV Shows

    If you are looking for an on-demand movie or TV show, go to the Free Movies & TV Shows category and select the title you want to watch. The movie or TV show starts at the beginning. If you don’t like your selection, stop it and choose something else.

    How to Activate Pluto TV on your Device

    Pluto TV

    • Go to Channel 02 on the guide. Another option, you can press Activate located on the left side of the guide.
    • There will be 6 digit-code appeared on the screen. Remember the code or write it down on a note.
    • Then, Insert the 6 digit-code on your device. There are two ways to do it, depending on the account/device that you are using.
    • Logged in your Pluto TV account in your device: Go to My Pluto > Activate > Enter the code.
    • Logged out of your Pluto TV account in your device / or if you have NO Pluto TV account: Visit this link and choose your device. And, follow the instructions to get activation code for pluto tv.
    • Pluto TV activate enter code on Roku, visit this link: pluto.tv/activate/ roku
    • Pluto TV Activate on Amazon Firestick, visit this link pluto.tv/activate/ firestick
    • How to Activate Pluto TV on Sony Playstation 4, visit this link pluto.tv/activate/ ps4
    • Activate Pluto TV on Android TV, visit this link pluto.tv/activate/ android

    This way will activate your Pluto TV account on your device. Now, you can pair up your smartphone with other devices.

    Devices that Pluto TV Supports

    Currently, Pluto TV is only available on these devices:

    • iPad and iPhone: Download the app here.
    • Android phones, tablets, and Android TV: You can download the official app from Google Play Store.
    • 4th generation Apple TV devices: You can get the app on iTunes.
    • Amazon Kindle & Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick: You can download the official app here.
    • Vizio, Samsung, and Sony Smart TVs: The app is already installed if available.
    • Windows PC and Mac Computers: Download the app for your computer here.
    • PlayStation 4: You can find the app here or through the PlayStation Store on the device.
    • PlayStation 3: You can download the app here or via the PlayStation Store on the console.
    • Xbox One: App is available here or via the Xbox Games Store on the game console.
    • Google Chromecast
    • Chrome Web App
    • Roku Devices + Roku TV
    News, Newsletter

    February Maui Smart Grid Newsletter

    January 31, 2021

    Smart Grid Volunteer Strives To Use Energy From Sun

    Motivated by a desire to see technology move forward, Alfred Wolf has volunteered for the Maui Smart Grid project since its inception. “It has gone well and given me access to an assortment of tools to use for working with my energy issues,” he said.

    Having the benefit of monitoring his electric usage has provided Wolf “a more precise feel for how energy is used and generated at my place.” He said he tries to use solar energy when possible, instead of relying on electricity. “Knowing how things work makes it easier to accomplish your goals,” he added. “Good data leads to good decisions.”

    Wolf said he believes it’s important to participate in the Smart Grid project and contribute toward the island’s efforts to help the state reach a goal of 70 per cent clean energy by the year 2030 as spelt out in the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative goals. Of that 70 percent, 40 percent will come from renewable energy production, and 30 percent from energy efficiency.

    Wolf made his own solar hot water heater in 1978 and has been striving to use alternative energy options since then. “It is the way to a sustainable future on our planet,” he said.

    Did You Know?

    • Because of Hawaii’s high renewable energy penetration and the fact that utility power plants generally utilize fossil fuel more efficiently than automobile engines, in Hawaii it takes on average about 31% less fossil fuel to power an electric vehicle as compared to the average conventional gasoline power vehicle.
    • Wind energy is Hawaii’s second most utilized renewable energy resource, accounting for about 29% of the state’s total renewable energy generation in 2012.
    • Solar energy in 2012 provided 15% of Hawaii’s renewable energy generation.
      SLIM Shares Survey Results

    Overall, participants in the Maui Smart Grid Project report that they’ve adapted their use of electricity and reduced their energy consumption in the year-old program. That was the findings of an energy usage study conducted by the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui.

    SLIM Executive Jennifer Chirico shared the results during a recent volunteer gathering coordinated by Maui Economic Development Board. The SLIM study was carried out with the assistance of students in the University of Hawaii Maui College Sustainable Living Institute of Maui program. The study included an energy audit prior to the start of the Smart Grid project in July 2011.

    Of 800 homes in Maui Meadows in South Maui, there were 68 residents who participated in the project and volunteered to have smart meters in their homes. Chirico said volunteers monitored their consumption using the web portal and in-home device options. Some used both.

    For all program participants from August 2011 to July 2013, average monthly energy usage dropped from a high of nearly 900-kilowatt hours in November 2011 to a low of about 475-kilowatt hours in August 2012. Average usage for the period began at just under 800 kWh in August 2011 and ended at around 600 kWh in July 2013.

    The program also compared average monthly energy usage of program volunteers versus non-volunteers. For the period of August 2012 to June 2013, volunteer usage was at or below 600 kWh in seven of 11 months. For four of the 11 months usage was somewhat more than 600 kWh, reaching a high usage of about 700 kWh in December 2012 for the volunteer group.

    For every month, the non-volunteer group had higher power usage, reaching a high of nearly 1,800 kWh in June 2013. In all cases, the non-volunteers average monthly energy use was more than 600 kwH. Comments from those using the web portal option included: “Lots of good info,” “easy to use,” “review usage.” Others said: “shows me when we use the most electricity,” “helps me find energy leaks” and “easy to understand.” Some users had adjustment issues with privacy, how well the portal operated and being unable to view results in real-time.

    Users of in-home devices applauded their advantage of being able to see results in “near real-time.” Other “likes” included: “It gives me an idea of what draws a lot of energy,” “giving me current data (could measure fan energy usage, for instance),” and “the IHD is great. It tells me when I am generating power and my net generation/ use. Easy to use. Real-time information.”

    News, Newsletter

    Maui Smart Grid Newsletter

    January 31, 2021

    Energy Savings Motivates Maui Meadows Retiree

    Retired psychiatrist Ric Andrews’ invested in the Smart Grid project and photovoltaics to help save energy. “It may be years away but I’m willing to pay now so I can save later,” the Maui Meadows resident said. The owner of a two-bedroom home and a pool house on a half-acre lot, Andrews uses energy-saving light bulbs throughout his property. “I really want to be conscientious of my use of energy,” he said.

    He said he volunteered to participate in the Smart Grid project out of an interest in helping find solutions for energy savings and alternatives. “Just for the planet, for the state, it’s the right thing to do,” Andrews said. “We need to look for how we can be more energy efficient. If Smart Grid can help, that’s a good thing.” At age 66, Andrews said he lives on a fixed income and he knows that electricity costs “are only going to go up, not down.” He said he paid $33,000 for 44 PV panels and expects to recoup his money in about four or five years. “I was paying upwards of $500 a month and now I’m going to be saving $6,000 a year” with the usage of the photovoltaics, he said. “I’m just so happy I got this. It means I can stay in my paradise.”

    Andrews said with the savings he’s earning on electricity bills, he’s hoping to purchase in the future an electric vehicle.

    Did You Know?

    • 10.1 million megawatt-hours of power were sold last year by Hawaii’s electric utilities.
    • That’s the equivalent of 100 wind farms that generate 30 megawatts, like Kaheawa Wind on Maui.
    • $5.09 billion left the state last year to pay for imported petroleum; $4,000 for every person living in Hawaii.
    • More than 1,000 MW of renewable projects are in service, under construction, awaiting approval or being negotiated — with more to come.

    Project Partners Answer Smart Grid Volunteer Questions

    Maui Smart Grid volunteer got their questions answered in a special gathering organized for them by the Maui Economic Development Board. Bringing the answers to the August 9th gathering at the Malcolm Center, were Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Sustainable Living Institute of Maui, Silver Spring Networks and Maui Electric Company.

    SLIM Executive Director Dr Jennifer Chirico talked about how the Maui Smart Grid Projects has provided valuable learning opportunities for the University of Hawaii at Maui College students. The hands-on training the college students received while performing in-home energy audits led to a few of them opening their own energy consulting firms on Maui. Without the Maui Smart Grid Project and the willingness of the volunteers, this opportunity would not have been possible, Chirico said.

    Meanwhile, Silver Spring Network Sales Engineer, Curt Johnson reviewed with the volunteers the latest version of the WEB portal also known as CIQ or Customer IQ. This latest version, Johnson said, has the ability to overlay solar production if a second electricity meter is installed on the output side of a solar system. He added that the program allows the volunteers the opportunity to see their solar production versus their energy consumption.

    Using Google Earth, Johnson referred to charts that showed the energy consumption and solar production for the entire Maui Smart Grid Project. One of the charts depicted the peaks and valleys of the Maui Meadows neighbourhood’s solar production and electric consumption during one particular day.

    Following the completion of the Maui Smart Grid Project, a comprehensive report about the information gathered will be written and submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy for evaluation and future decisions surrounding Hawaii smart grid initiatives.

    Leon Roose of Hawaii Natural Energy Institute told volunteers that the information obtained from the Maui Smart Grid Project will improve the island’s energy grid system. The project will also help to resolve renewable energy challenges and provide possible energy alternative solutions.

    Roose also talked about a new project device called eGauge. The device, which will be installed in five volunteer houses, will give participating homeowners the opportunity to measure the energy usage of up to 10 individual appliances. The goal is to help consumers optimize energy savings, reduce electric consumption and track usage on major appliances on any given time and day.

    New Device Measures Appliance Usage

    eGauge is here! This new device will allow Maui Smart Grid volunteers to monitor and record whole-house energy usage, solar and other renewable energy sources. Users are also able to measure the energy consumption of up to 10 individual appliances. By the end of September, Rising Sun Solar will have installed the five eGauge devices. MSG volunteer Craig Haueisen is already finding the eGauge device useful. It “makes you more aware of how much energy each appliance uses,” he said.


    Radio Frequency Study Press Release

    January 29, 2021

    Expert study finds no health risks with smart meters

    A new study has concluded that the electromagnetic radiation from radio frequency (RF) measured on smart meters at homes in the Maui Smart Grid project does not create a hazard.

    Findings by Cascadia PM, an engineering and project management service company, are outlined in a report released today by the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Cascadia conducted the study in February as part of HNEI’s research into health effects from the meters.

    Using federal and state government standards, Cascadia PM measured electromagnetic radiation in February at five homes and one Access Point in Maui Meadows. Access Points are the primary hubs for all communication to the smart meters in the field.

    The study, according to Cascadia’s report, was conducted under the extreme conditions and yielded conservative results. For example, Cascadia tested the radio frequencies while the meters were transmitting data (the highest period of radio frequency activity) with testing equipment directly next to or on top of the smart meters, and then in specific increments out to a distance of 50 feet.

    “The results clearly show that the radio frequency is very minimal and does not pose a health risk,” said Project Manager James “Christian” Rawson of the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute.

    The Maui Smart Grid project demonstrates how residents can monitor their home power use, sometimes in real-time, and make adjustments for the most efficient and cost-effective use of electricity. Maui Meadows volunteers use 91 smart meters at their homes as a pilot project. When refined, the project could be used as a model for energy conservation and efficiency across electricity grids in Maui County.

    Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) is partnering with HNEI to engage with the community and the volunteers in the project. MEDB President and CEO Jeanne Skog said her agency will post the full report at mauismartgrid.com

    “It’s reassuring to have confirmation that residential smart meters in this project are safe for residents to use,” Skog said. “Safety is of utmost importance and we appreciate our volunteers’ continued support of the Smart Grid Project. They are pioneers in what could be Maui’s smart energy future. Where they go others will follow.”

    “They didn’t find anything in their measures that give us concerns,” Maui County Energy Commissioner Doug McLeod said. According to McLeod, prior to this week’s report, people interested in risks from electromagnetic radiation had to get data from models. “This testing is real data from real homes on Maui,” McLeod said. The tests show “that the level of measured electromagnetic radiation was orders of magnitude lower than what the government calls out as dangerous.”Maui-based energy consultant Carl Freedman has reviewed the new report as well. “Smart meter communications ambient field strengths are less than what we commonly accept in public spaces and much less than we expose ourselves to using cell phones,” Freedman said. “Personally, I am not worried about this level of additional field exposure and would not object to having a smart meter on my own or my neighbours’ homes.”

    The Maui Smart Grid project was established as a pilot in the Maui Meadows neighbourhood to evaluate new Smart Grid technologies and enable a cleaner, more efficient energy system on Maui. Often called the energy Internet, the Smart Grid is a system of interconnected technologies that enable two-way communication between different parts of the electric power system.

    Participants have had smart meters professionally installed in their homes and receive access to a personalized energy data Web site. Through the Web site, volunteers can easily monitor and control their energy consumption.

    News, Newsletter

    May Maui Smart Grid Newsletter

    January 28, 2021

    Couple Engages In Electrical Usage Monitoring

    Shirlye and Ted Sonsteby are constantly monitoring their energy usage and charges. “Ours were always low,” Shirlye Sonsteby said, referring to their monthly bills from Maui Electric Co. As participants of the Maui Smart Grid project, the Sonstebys said they can easily compare their usage and actual billing. “Now I check our little In-Home Device at different times of the day,” Shirlye said. She’s noticed the differences in hourly power usage in the home. IHD has plenty of benefits. “I don’t know of any disadvantages,” she said.

    The Sonstebys had already purchased energy-efficient appliances and installed a solar water heater when they decided to become Smart Grid project participants. Still, they continue to look for ways to conserve energy. The IHD “makes people aware of their electrical use,” Shirley said. Since having the IHD in their house, Shirlye said, “I now check to be sure fans are off when not needed.”

    She maintains an avid interest in her home’s electrical usage and wants the Smart Grid project to be successful in helping the island find energy alternatives. “We hope there will be more wind farms, PV solar use in public buildings and parking lots like our community recreation centre has,” she said.

    Did you know?

    46.3 million barrels of petroleum were imported for Hawaii’s total energy use over the past year.
    11.3 million barrels of petroleum were burned by the Hawaii utilities last year to make electricity.
    Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use 75 per cent less energy and last nearly ten times as long as traditional incandescent light bulbs.

    My Smart Energy Report

    Maui Smart Grid Project volunteers that have had a second smart meter installed on their homes for their PV systems will soon be seeing changes to the web portal. Coming soon, the Maui Smart Grid Project web portal will incorporate data readings from your PV panel into your personal online portal, clearly showing the energy generated daily, even by the hour. The portal will continue to display energy used and additionally provide a net total of energy bought, or given back to the grid.

    This enhancement will provide all volunteers more data about their energy usage and a clearer understanding of their bills. The up-grade will also provide estimated solar savings, providing homeowners with an assessment of monthly savings generated from their PV investment. Stay tuned for further information as to when this will be available to you!


    There’s still time to sign up for the Maui Smart Grid eGauge. With this free installation valued at $1,500, volunteers will obtain precise information about their energy consumption and how to use their appliances more efficiently. The eGauge Current Transformers will measure electric currents of up to 10 household appliances and provide an online web database that displays the energy use of each connected appliance in up to 1-second intervals. The installation will not interrupt your power supply.

    News, Newsletter

    May Newsletter

    January 27, 2021

    Volunteer sees the positives in Maui Smart Grid

    Maria Drey was contemplating ways to become more energy efficient when the Maui Smart Grid Project came along two years ago. “I thought it was a great idea,” Drey said in explaining why she signed up immediately after being asked.

    Drey has one smart meter on her property. She and her husband keep their in-home device handy and visible in the family kitchen to help keep track of their energy consumption on a regular basis.

    “The visual is huge,” she said, referring to the in-home device. “There’s just no downside to it,” Drey said. The in-home device is a highly reliable, secure, in-home display that presents real-time energy use, price ad billing data, and utility text messages communicate from a linked smart meter.

    Drey said $800 monthly electricity bills are now in the past, in part because of the changes her family made after monitoring the energy usage data received through the project. The Dreys invested in an energy-efficient system for the house swimming pool, and they turn off lights and unplug appliances when not in use. “I really wanted to get a good handle on my family’s energy use and bring down, if possible, our electricity bills. I got that by participating in the Maui Smart Grid Project.”

    Did you know?

    • In 2011, Hawaii imported 93% of its energy and, in 2013, the state had the highest electricity prices in the nation.
    • Hawaii is one of eight states with installed geothermal capacity; in 2013, 23% of its renewable net electricity generation came from geothermal energy.
    • Hawaii’s utility-scale electricity generation from solar energy increased nearly six-fold in 2013.
    • These energy facts are brought to you by www.eia.gov

    The expert study evaluates smart meter safety

    A newly commissioned study has concluded that the electromagnetic radiation from radio frequency (RF) measured on smart meters at homes in the Maui Smart Grid project does not create a hazard.

    Findings by Cascadia PM, an engineering and project management service company, are available at the project Web site: www.mauismartgrid.com. “The results clearly show that the radio frequency is very minimal and does not pose a health risk,” said Project Manager James “Christian” Rawson of the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. HNEI commissioned Cascadia to conduct the study in February as part of HNEI’s research into health effects from the meters.

    Web site developer Istvan Siposs said he heard about concerns about smart meter safety and decided to research the topic prior to signing up for the Maui Smart Grid Project. “I always felt their argument was not grounded in real science. So in short, the fact that it transmits its data through radio waves never concerned us and it still doesn’t,” Siposs said. There are two smart meters on Siposs’ property.

    Maui Meadows resident Tom Croly also has two smart meters – one on his house and another on his cottage. “Exactly what I thought prior to getting my smart meter,” Croly said after reading the radio frequency report. “I hold a cell phone next to my brain. I recognize it exposes me to microwaves. I expect the risk of exposure from my smart meter is many times less than that of my cell phone.”

    Smart Grid Project Volunteer Susan Gurewitsch said: “Everyone is aware of the huge energy issues looming over us. But the Smart Grid project literally brings the issues of energy consumption and sources home.”

    “For me, that has created a whole new level of awareness. I think deliberately about how and when to use energy in a way that I never had before,” she added.

    Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) is partnering with HNEI to engage with the community and the volunteers in the project. MEDB President and CEO Jeanne Skog said: “It’s reassuring to have confirmation that residential smart meters in this project are safe for residents to use,” Skog said. “Safety is of utmost importance and we appreciate our volunteers’ continued support of the Smart Grid Project. They are pioneers in what could be Maui’s smart energy future. Where they go others will follow.”